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Two core Montessori principles are that children are their own best teachers, and that they achieve mastery through exploration, imitation, repetition, and trial and error. Thus our teachers serve as thoughtful and enthusiastic guides who foster students’ curiosity and introduce them to the skills and means to learn – a profound difference from the traditional model of the teacher as the source of learning.

Our faculty members carefully observe each student’s learning style, interests, and developmental readiness for the next steps. They set progressive goals for students then monitor and record their progress toward them. Our teachers demonstrate the use of specially designed, hands-on, Montessori learning materials and other skills when students are observed ready to use them.

Montessori teachers serve as role models in all ways – in learning and in character. They demonstrate core values of respect for each individual, cooperation, kindness, and responsibility. Our teachers establish an orderly environment and engage students in accepting responsibility for maintaining order and cleanliness. They encourage their independence but also their sense of understanding and caring for the society and the environment we live in.

When teachers and administrators from other Montessori schools visit CVMS, they are invariably impressed by our exceptional teaching staff and the enthusiasm, independence, and achievements of our students.


BREAKING NEWS: CVMS is planning for an in-person instructional model, 5 days per week, for the 2020-2021 school year, beginning in September. If you are looking for a small school setting that provides a strong academic program, please consider CVMS. Our facilities allow us to meet state & health department guidelines. Openings are available, but we are filling up fast. Call 562-8754 to schedule a tour!